Circuits composer is an add-on for our game Circuits. It´s a tool that comes for free with Circuits designed to approach the music creation to everyone. Easy to use, with a good and clean interface, try to create your own songs and share it in the steam workshop with the circuits community. Also, if you are already skilled in any kind of music, you can upload your sounds as packages inside the circuits composer so people can make new tracks with them. Have Fun.

You can purchase the game through steam ( widget below ) and for a little help on how to start the composer and how to interact with the steam workshop we have created a guide that you can read HERE

What our users said about our circuits composer : 

The Circuits Composer is fabulous for creating your own music, highly recommended to buy the game just for that application.
— KiwiFudge ( steam user )
Circuits Composer is really fun to use - I’ve used that more than I’ve played the actual game, which in itself is not bad at all. Composer is simplistic, yet there’s enough variety with the tracks/syths that you can spend hours putting together custom tracks for fun
— Andraste´s tits ( steam user )