To celebrate that we reach 100.000 users on our game circuits ( Thank you everyone ), we want to make something special. Something that involve playing our game, and something that has a reward for our players. So, the CIRCUITS COMPOSER SONG CREATION contest is here. The idea behind that is simple : Make and upload to the workshop the best song before 31 december and win an steam machine.  Also among all the participants we will do an steam controller and an steam link raffle.

Now, The RULES:

  1. Upload your submission to the Circuits Workshop before 31 december 2015
  2. All participants songs must have the tag : "Contest" , not having it will exclude your song from the contest. 
  3. Songs must last for at least 2 minutes and not long than 4 minutes.
  4. The use of own sounds is forbidden, you must stick to the digital Tentacle Packages, this include the ones downloadable from the workshop  ( we will be adding a new package in the next days )
  5. Just ONE song per participant ( you can delete and reupload it all times you want till the 31 december )
  6. Must be done using an ORIGINAL copy of circuits. Maybe we ask for a proof of purchase if you result in the winner of the price or we contact steam in this regard.
  7. All songs must have a proper Description, Title, and an image ( read our GUIDE to see how to do this )


Evaluation Criteria : 

After 31 december we will evaluate all the contestant submissions. We will take into consideration :

  • Structure : The song has some kind of internal organization, for example : intro, build up, outro. Feel free to explore and to create but if the songs feels like random bits of music each beat, something is wrong.
  • Creativity : Having a limited palette of sounds, we will greatly value how you mix and use the ones we give to you.
  • Harmonic progression : The relationship between the different chords over the complete song 
  • Intention : We know there are things impossible to do with our Circuits composer, but we will have into consideration some risks if we feel they have a purpose.
  • Coherence : Something like structure but not only related to the sections of the song but also the color, the instruments, the melodies....

We cannot wait to start hearing your creations. We will try to add new packages from now to the half of december so you have more options. If any of you wants something specific, add a discusion in our community hub and we will consider it, and we will add it as a package for everyone, to maintain the contest balanced.

Thank you for a fantastic year,

Digital Tentacle.